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for Mum

heat bag - red

Mum’s very special heat bag for Christmas, with owls for wisdom and red because Mum loves red (and owls!).


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brown and cherry curvy clutch

I said that I would try this pattern in a bigger size; now I have. This one is 120% and it has been finished for a while now, but today I had the perfect excuse to post about it – Keyka Lou is having a pattern sale at her shop! It’s a fantastic any two patterns for 10 USD, definitely worth it! I haven’t used it myself because I’m trying to hold back on this kind of thing *blush*!

About the clutch – 120%, Amy Butler Trailing Cherry Blossom Cotton Fabric, no strap. The reason for the no strap option was an involuntary one – I simply forgot to attach the strap foot thingy. Such is life! Size wise, I’m quite pleased with this one and probably won’t make it any bigger!

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in the bag

Back to crafting, at last! Time is a commodity, more precious than I’ve ever realised! Between work and paper writing and a conference and the occasional attempt at a social life (ok, maybe more than occasional!), not much time is left for actually being creative.

Last weekend was my first free weekend as a result I decided to have a very much needed ME time. The initial plan was to bake a cake, finish two dolls which are looking fairly pathetic (one is naked and the other one has no face), sew a bag. Clearly, plans are made so we can deviate from them knowingly. I didn’t bake a cake, I didn’t finish the awkwardly looking dolls; I did sew a bag, I made a mini owl, and I went to a barbecue!

In retrospect, it was a great weekend 🙂

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Smelling of lavender… ah… peaceful!

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malita mosaic

Still the summer and a present for a little girl… Oh, I miss having the time!

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summer colours

Bag #12 - 4

Lembra-me o Verão, este tecido. Gosto de todas as estações. Gosto de ter estações. Faltou-me o Verão, este ano, e em momentos de nostalgia, cá estou eu a ver fotos que combinam o Verão que não tive com o tempo que não tenho para mexer em tecidos e deliciar-me com o som da minha máquina de costura. Dezembro será melhor, or so I hope.

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Efi supervisiona work


A Efigénia bem queria estar lá fora ao sol, mas não há sol. Portanto, senta-se indoors a ver-me trabalhar. Porque hoje trabalho, que remédio, que o prazo aproxima-se a passadas muito largas. Ouço-a resmungar que quer mais companhia, mas não há tempo, Efi, não há tempo. 15 dias, 15 dias e posso brincar às costuras de novo!

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