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Weekend sewing


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Sewing has been happening today, or cutting fabric, which comes before the sewing. But I wanted to share my new project – 52 weeks – where one is supposed to take 52 self-portraits, one per week.  I’ve finally started it yesterday morning, on the balcony!

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local is better


A while ago I started thinking about how good it would be to buy all my vegetables and fruit from local farmers. This would certainly diminish my carbon foot print, but it would also make me more creative in the kitchen, as you end up only having in season produce. A bit of research and I discovered Abel and Cole. Now, Abel and Cole are not local to Oxford, but they source all the veggies and fruit (and meat, if you so wish) they deliver to me within Oxfordshire. They do the same for any other area they deliver to. At the time of my research, I did come across local farms that provide a similar service, but Abel and Cole had a huge advantage over them – they allow you to pick a couple of things you hate and that should never come with your order! Now, I hate leeks, truly can’t stand it, not even in soup; those of you in the UK will know how popular this vegetal is around here and every farm seems to have it in their veggie boxes – it just so happens it’s in season. So, all things considered, I went with Abel and Cole.. My very first box arrived last Tuesday – delicious vegetables and fruit that I’ve had the pleasure to be cooking with for the past week; inside the box, you can also find a few recipes (I love this bonus!). Now you think, all good! BUt it gets better – Friday I get a call from Abel and Cole checking I was pleased with the service, if all the items were in good condition, if the box had been dropped off at the right place (you don’t need to be home to colect it!), if there was anything else I wanted, to inform me I would be receiving a free box after 3 weeks of consecutive orders…! I felt so very old-fashioned for loving this extra care in customer service, but I truly did love the attention! Yes, Abel and Cole, there is something else I want – that all customer service is like yours! Thank you!

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And this is what my weekend looks like! A bit of it, anyway. But the other bit I’ll keep to myself, if you don’t mind 🙂

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my strawberries

These two strawberries are the 4th and 5th strawberries ever to be produced by my lovely (and very productive!) strawberry plant! I got it in May and it gave me two tiny strawberries then; when I had lost all hope, I find it’s been busy trying to please me! And it has – I’m so very happy! Maybe I’ll go crazy and have strawberries with scones tomorrow!

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Smelling of lavender… ah… peaceful!

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moon orchid

Moon orchid

I should be working even though it’s 11 in the evening. But I couldn’t resist sharing a bit of my day, for this Moon orchid arrived today as a special delivery from a very sweet boyfriend. How easy it is to make someone smile… and he wants to make me smile… and he has!

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