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brown and cherry curvy clutch

I said that I would try this pattern in a bigger size; now I have. This one is 120% and it has been finished for a while now, but today I had the perfect excuse to post about it – Keyka Lou is having a pattern sale at her shop! It’s a fantastic any two patterns for 10 USD, definitely worth it! I haven’t used it myself because I’m trying to hold back on this kind of thing *blush*!

About the clutch – 120%, Amy Butler Trailing Cherry Blossom Cotton Fabric, no strap. The reason for the no strap option was an involuntary one – I simply forgot to attach the strap foot thingy. Such is life! Size wise, I’m quite pleased with this one and probably won’t make it any bigger!

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green curvy clutch

curvy clutch - green

I see myself as a patient person with impatience swings. Or perhaps it’s the other way around, if I’m realistic. I am so very patient with animals and children! I am so very impatient with everything else, with a particular low to stupidity! But anyways, that wasn’t why I started this post.

I wanted to talk about my patience attributes (or lack of), because I bought this really good curvy clutch pattern from Keyka Lou‘s Etsy shop just before I went on holiday (again, a story for another post) and this posed a problem – I just had to try it out immediately! Of course this means imperfections – there is only so much multi-tasking a girl can do! – the packing for the holiday could have been better and so could the wee clutch, but I love it anyway! I used the leftovers of this bag due to a combination of factors, really – I love this green (so happy!), it was just about the right size, and I wanted to use it on a good project.

For my next clutch, I’ll definitely use the suggested invisible lining (will make it more sturdy), enlarge the pattern a bit (I travel light, but this is still a bit too small) and give myself a quiet time to enjoy the sewing (although multi-tasking is so much fun!).

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