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6 useless facts about moi

My little private beach has been abandoned for the past few months due to a huge amount of work. Normal posting is expected from the end of April.

In the meantime, something that didn’t require any creative-inspiration-hand moment (if we exclude typing), but only an inner journey. Joana has challenged me to share 6 useless facts about myself. Although this requires deep self-analysis I’m now confident I’ve gathered a small list of useless information that serves no purpose other than honouring a challenge. Here goes:

– I always wake up in a good mood. I’m a firm believer that a new day is a new beginning; when I wake up nothing has yet upset me (this inludes 4am calls from private numbers).

– I have an issue with crumbs on kitchen counters, it annoys me.

– I hate leek in all shapes or forms. Do not feed me such a thing!

– I think stand-up comedians are the most intelligent people ever. I love people that make me laugh.

– I think baby elephants’ bums are soooooo adorable! (I’m allowed one very silly and cheesy fact, surely!)

– I think Mafaldinha rocks!

After reading the instructions, which was after writing the previous blurb, I’ve realised that the exact choice of words was insignificant things and not my loose variation of useless facts. I’ve re-read them and believe the chosen facts are insignificant, therefore they comply with the challenge.

I now need to challenge 6 other people to share 6 meaningless things about them on their blogs. And my vote goes to:

– Carina – The Assemblagist
– Jacky – Coisas de lã
– Psique – Cadernos com folhas 1000
Jin Sanjo
– Catarinia – Universo Catariniano
– Joana – Substante

The rules are:

1. Place a link to the person who challenged you.
2. Place the rules in your blog.
3. Share 6 meaningless/insignificant/useless facts about yourself.
4. Challenge 6 other people.
5. Let them know you’ve challenged by placing a comment on their blogs.


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